PCB Fabrication

Fabricating PCBs at fast turnarounds in superior quality is at the heart of Fineline Circuits & Technology. Backed by several decades of experience, Over the years, we have been continually investing in new technologies and innovative fabrication techniques to bring you high quality PCB fabrication services.

Your PCB requirements = Our PCB portfolio

The portfolio of PCBs we produce contains a broad variety of products; from 2L PCBs to highly advanced HDI, Flexible and Rigid-Flex Board. Even though the PCBs we produce differ a lot regarding functionality and areas of use, they all have one thing in common. The common denominator for all PCBs is that our experts oversee that the production – from design to prototyping up to volume – is working according to our processes and product specification.

PCB Fabrication Services Capabilities

Fineline Circuits & Technology’s PCB fabrication services are known as the best in the industry. With a proven track record for competitive pricing and on time delivery, we offer unbeatable service in PCB fabrication. Following are the capabilities we own that enable us render unmatched service:

  • We regularly work with the flowing materials:
    • FR406 & 408, Black FR-4 and 370HR
    • Dupont (All series of Flex Material)
    • Flexible Material
    • Rogers (All series)
    • Polyimide
    • Duroid & Teflon Laminate
    • Arlon & Nelco (All series)
    • Hybrid (Rogers and FR4) BT Epoxy
    • Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS)
  • Our PCB fabrication services also encompass plating / surface finishing the board using the following:
    • HASL – Leaded & Lead free Solder
    • Nickel Flash Gold, Wire Bondable Soft Gold and Electroless Soft Gold
    • Immersion/Electroless Nickel, Gold, Tin & Pallidum
    • Organic Solderability Preservative (OSP)
    • Carbon Ink
  • We offer customers the flexibility when it comes to solder mask color selection. The customers can choose from green/green, matte white, black/black, matte clear, blue top and bottom mix and red one or both sides mix.
  • We can work with silk screen colors such as white, black, yellow top and bottom mix, red one or both sides mix and blue.
  • Our PCB fabrication capabilities also include the following:
    • PTH, SMT & mixed technology
    • Rigid, Flex and Rigid-Flex
    • High Count Multilayers
    • Customize Larger Panel size
    • Impedance Control
    • Sequential Lamination
    • Blind & Buried Holes
    • Via in Pad
    • Micro Via & Laser drilling
    • Via & Copper Fill
    • Fixture & fixtureless Testing

Our Certifications

We have developed unwavering commitment to quality whether its small volume or large production runs, the boards we fabricate are in the compliance to the following.

  • ISO 9001:2015+ AS9100D Certified
  • ITAR Certified
  • IPC-A-6011/6012/6013 standards – Class II and Class III