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Fineline Circuits & Tech

Fineline Circuits & Technology Inc. Was founded in 1994 in Brea California. We are an Electronic Manufacturing Service provider that specializes in Printed Circuit Board Design/Layout, Manufacturing, Assembly and Cable & Wire-Harness. We provide solutions for seamless migration of customer’s Design with our full turnkey services.

We deliver advanced technical expertise, innovative manufacturing solutions, dedication with a high level of quality and service to all of your client-partners. Flexibility, reliability and results make us your preferred partner for Electronic Manufacturing Services.

  • Noted for unsurpassed Quality, Service and on time delivery, Fineline manufactures Rigid, Flex & Rigid-Flex fabrication for today’s most technical designs.
  • Our excellent in-house Engineering services are top notch. Be it a simple or a complex design, our knowledgeable team helps & supports our Customers with the most technical designs.
  • Our quality inspection is 100% with statistical process control, customer satisfaction is guaranteed whether for proto-type, pre-production, or production runs.

Changes are inevitable with the growth we’ve experienced; our production has both expanded and become more efficient. However, we remain a small business at heart, with the versatility to accommodate a wide variety of customer needs, and the disposition to ensure these needs are met sufficiently. Over the years, we’ve worked with just about every industries and Fineline Circuits & Technology has proven, again and again, that we’re equipped to supply for all Industries.

Fineline Circuits & Technology’s goal has been to build Printed Circuit Board fabrication right here in our own local facility and EMS services through our partners. Whatever changes may come for our industry and for our company, we believe in American-made products and we believe in creating, and keeping, jobs in America.


Fineline Circuits & TechFineline Circuits & TechFineline Circuits & Tech

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